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"Thank you for allowing me to beta test EzyChart. I have been very pleased with its functionality and improvements. Unlike the earlier version I am able to save my favourite charts and add text and trend lines to them without them disappearing. Well done."
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EzyChart 6 - Drawing Tools
EzyChart has more than 40 Drawing Tools. Each set of tools is grouped by type. There are Symbols, Lines, Patterns, Bands & Shapes and Stop-Loss. They are easy to apply - just select with a click of the mouse and place on the chart.

Drawing Tools include:

These tools are found on the Drawing Tools ribbon tab. They are displayed in groups and are automatically applied to the charts upon selection.

  1. Symbols - numerals and arrows [view list]
  2. Lines - Gann, Fibonacci, saucer etc. [view list]
  3. Patterns - flags; pennants; ewave etc. [view list]
  4. Bands - horizontal, vertical & Linear Regression [view list]
  5. Shapes - ellipse, rectangle & triangle [view list]
  6. Stop Loss - Daryl Guppy's ATR & CBL [view list]
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Arrows Clocks Hand Gestures Miscellaneous Symbols Numerals
Smilies Stars & Shapes Ticks & Crosses World Globes Weather


Tool Description
Cross Hair A vertical and horizontal line will be drawn on the point of the mouse. The values for each line (date & price) will be displayed in the axis.
Curves and Saucers Includes both Parabolic and Elliptical.
Fibonacci Tools This set includes the four types: Arc, Fan, Retracement and Time series.
Gann Retracement This tool lets the user draw a trend line on the chart. It then uses the top and bottom point of this line to calculate and plot nine resistance/retracement levels at a set percentage.
Horizontal Line Places a single horizontal line on the chart that spans the whole chart.
Horizontal Lines Places two lines on the chart where you control the start and end points.
Line Places a single line on the chart where you control the start and end points of the line. You can create a copy of the line and drag to a new position to create one or more Parallel lines.
Percent Retracement Plots the percentage (%) retracement between two price movements.
Pivot Point Lines A series of vertical lines are drawn from the mouse point, measuring the interval (user defined). Then a series of coloured horizontal lines are marked between the vertical lines. These lines include the pivot line (yellow) which can be calculated using two formulas (user defined) and then a group of support (red) and resistance (green) lines.
Time series Lines A series of vertical lines will be drawn across your chart (from the initial point selected by the mouse) using the interval parameter set by the user.
Trend Line Places a single line on the chart which continues beyond the end values. You can create a copy of the Trend line and drag to a new position to create Parallel Trend lines.
Vertical Line Places a single line on the chart spanning the whole chart from top to bottom.
Vertical Lines Places two lines on the chart where you control the start and end points of the lines.
Volume Trend Lines Study the amount of accumulated volume a stock experiences. This tool automatically calculates a value based on previous volume amounts, however this can be edited by the user.
Note: All trend lines display percentage values for slope, growth and Compound growth.


Andrew's Pitchfork Bull & Bear Pennants E-Wave Oscillator Flag Patterns Gann Grid Wedge


Tool Description
Horizontal Places a shaded band on the chart at two particular price points that runs from the beginning to the end of the chart. It highlights a price band you may want to look at.
Linear Regression This tool consists of three parts. The linear regression line and an upper and lower channel.
Vertical Places a shaded band on the chart at two particular date points that runs from the bottom to the top of the chart. It highlights a time band you may want to study.


Ellipse (circle) Rectangle (square) Triangle

Stop Loss - Daryl Guppy

Daryl Guppy's Count Back Line (CBL) - is a short-term resistance or support line calculated in a falling trend. It can be applied to both long and short trading.

Average True Range (ATR) - developed by Welles Wilder, is a measure of the true ranging activity of a stock. The Guppy ATR sets the calculation point using the low, or the high of the day. It can be applied to both long and short trading.

More detailed information can be found in Daryl Guppy's books Trend Trading and Trading Tactics.

ATR Long ATR Short CBL Entry Long CBL Entry Short CBL Long Stop CBL Short Stop

Click here for more information on Daryl's drawing tools.