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"Thank you for allowing me to beta test EzyChart. I have been very pleased with its functionality and improvements. Unlike the earlier version I am able to save my favourite charts and add text and trend lines to them without them disappearing. Well done."
- M. McCann

"As I am interested in analysing GICS Sectors I was wrapped to see this as a workspace that I can play through as Live Charts."
- J. White

"The new EzyChart looks very different. However after only a few hours of playing with all the new features I can see that it has a lot more power than the previous version of the software. I like that I can scroll back through all my History - at last!."
- R. Mould

"The live chart feature is even better than before. It's great how I can run my scans in EzyAnalyser 6 and then view the ones that passed in EzyChart with the indicators already applied."
- M. Hillus

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EzyChart 6 - Indicators and Oscillators
EzyChart has more than 60 industry standard Indicators; Equity Index and Price Lines to select from. It includes specialized indicator and money management tools detailed by best selling authors Jim Berg, Daryl Guppy and Alan Hull.

Indicators include:

Each set of indicators comes under its own group heading and is automatically applied to the charts upon selection.

  1. Indicators - a selection of common indicators [view list]
  2. Price Lines - mathematically calculated lines [view list]
  3. Equity Index - overlay indices [view list]
  4. Jim Berg - volatility kit [view list]
  5. Daryl Guppy - darvas boxes [view list]
  6. Alan Hull - rate of return [view list]

Indicators group:

Accumulation Swing Average True Range Awesome Indicator Bollinger Bands
Commodity Channel Index Coppock Darvas Boxes (Classic) Directional Movement
Elder Ray Force Index Gann Swing Heikin Ashi
JICD% Linear Regression Linear Slope MACD
MACD Histogram Momentum Money Flow Index Moving Averages
On Balance Volume Parabolic SAR Percent Price & Volume Price & Volume Trend
Price Oscillator Rainbow Averages Rainbow Bands Rainbow Oscillator
Rate of Change Relative Strength RSRI Stochastic
Stop-Loss Support & Resistance Swing Index Trading Bands
Volume Williams %R Zig Zag -

Price Lines group:

Price Lines are mathematically calculated lines based on a price point that are automatically overlayed on a chart when selected.

Lines include:

Close Force High Low Mid Open Open Interest
Pivot Point Sales True Range Typical Volume Weighted Average (VWAP) Weighted

Equity Index

This group lets you overlay major indexes related to the chart on display. For example if you are looking at an ASX BHP Billiton chart you can overlay the first and/or second major ASX Index's on the chart (All Ordinaries and the S&P ASX 200) and/or its Sector and Industry Index ( Materials).

These include:

Exchange Index 1 Exchange Index 2 Sector Index Industry Index

Jim Berg

Jim is the author of the Stock Trading Handbook and he has more than 30 years experience in the markets.

His popular Indicators include:

Volatility Price Volatility Profit Taker Volatility Trailing Stop

Daryl Guppy

Daryl is a trader and the author of Trend Trading, Share Trading, Chart Trading, Trading Tactics, Better Trading, SnapShot Trading and Bear Trading. He has developed his own set of trading tools and indicators.

This group includes:

Darvas Boxes (Modern) Guppy Multiple Moving Averages

Click here for more information on Daryl's indicators.

Alan Hull

Alan is a trader and the author of Trade My Way, Active Investing and Invest My Way. He has developed his own set of indicators.

These include:

Hull Moving Average Hull Multiple Moving Averages Range Indicator Rate of Annual Return

Click here for more information on Alan's indicators.